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Firefighter courses – The most important feature of the courses are the practical modules for which the training center facilities created...

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Training Center

The Volunteer Fire Training Center, in Diosig, is the first center in the North-West Region, equipped with the necessary equipments for the...

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E-learning platform

A bilingual interactive e-learning platform to extend the professional competences of the volunteers beyond the classroom.

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Mobile app

The mobile application, developed in the project for alarming the members of the units and a tool for inter-unit cross-border alarm will be...

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Volunteer – apply to our firefighter courses

The VOLUNTEER project recognizes that a large number of individuals involved in voluntary firefighting units does not posses a solid professional bacgkround. It is a challenge which will be tackled through a range of carefuly devised interconnected activities within the framework of a dedicated training program aiming to reach the specific objective of developing the competences and skills of the voluntary firefighters from Bihor and Hajdu Bihar.
The trainings will be organised in the Training Center in Diosig. (Address: Diosig, Oituz, no.2C, Bihor county)

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