The Training Center for Volunteer Firefighters, in Diosig, is the first center in the North-West Region, equipped with the necessary equipment to carry out the fire courses serving with the possibility to simulate the conditions existing in a real fire through practical applications in the fire simulation container.

The center is equipped with the following:

  • Simulation and fire attack container on DRAGER wood with temperature monitoring
  • Special 6-seater Man equipped with unloading equipment and first aid
  • Training track 100 m, with obstacles: balance beam, 2m fence
  • Training tower 3 floors, height 13 m
  • Firefighting equipment: extinguishing hoses type B, C, distributors, reductions of fittings, range, grooves, ax, axes, connection keys, discharge gun, suction tube, suction, ladder, window ladder, cane ladder, basin 1000l, motor pump, discharge pipe, cylinder loading compressor
  • Fire protection suits consisting of trousers and jacket, boots, seat belt and fire helmet, breathing apparatus + spare bottles
  • First aid dummies (adult torso, baby torso, newborn, intravenous arm, intubation dummy, extraction dummy, defibrillator training etc.)
  • 40-seat classroom equipped with sound system, projector, laptop